Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ready, Set, Go ...

It is amazing to me as I seek information and insights on my ancestors that they actually took that huge, giant, life-changing step and left their lives in Europe and came to the land of  freedom... America! After crossing the ocean most did end (or start) on the American East Coast. And then it took only a generation or six to work their way to California. Ahhhhh California the farmland of sun and opportunity. After visiting many areas of origin in America, I see how the weather, climate, land availabilities and work have influenced their souls to "Go West". My husband, Rob Falke and I now live right next to Lake Erie where the winters are soooooo cold. Right in "the Ohio". Which is where some made it their home for a generation.  This is my attempt to write and document family history as I enter data which my mom, Beverly Jean Robinson McCleskey so skillfully and articulately accumulated for the past 30 years and more.  She worked on the family tree and lots of pictures and dad, Billy Joe McCleskey made a few old photo albums and took the time to preserve their memories of their present families and ancestors.  This is my eternal "Robby" and me In-the-Woods aka our back yard in Avon Lake, Ohio, USA
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