Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Auntie" Cleo May Robinson

My Mom – Beverly Jean Robinson with her great Aunt Cleo May Robinson
Cira 1949 in Phoenix, Arizona

Auntie, as I know her name to be, was my mom’s angel.  At age 16, Auntie sent Beverly (my mom) a train ticket – California to Missouri – to come live with her in Missouri and Arizona.  Beverly was given things she never before was able to have.  A wardrobe, car, braces for her teeth, boyfriends, college education and so many other splendid opportunities of life.  Auntie did marry for a very short time and after a divorce resumed her maiden name.  She owned a hotel, was a traveling button sells woman across America and traveled to many destinations all over the world.  I am thankful for her.  I believe not only did she change my moms life, but changed the lives of all future generations that follow in our line.  She was an amazing woman and I hope to learn more and share often.